Why Use Our Training For Your Public Courses?

1. There is a maximum limit of eight to twelve delegates on our courses depending on the course. Delegates need to practice the skills taught (presenting and training), so the small group size of eight allows maximum practical time for each delegate to do this. The standard limit on courses ensures individual attention for each delegate from the Coaches. It also allows greater interaction and involvement from every participant, thus ensuring more effective learning takes place.

2. Our Coaches have been carefully chosen for their ability to deliver top quality training in the training room, and for being able to ‘walk the talk’ in front of delegates. We always look for Coaches with ‘hands on experience’ in the fields in which they are going to train.

3. Coaches have to work to very high professional standards laid down by us.

4. All Coaches are bound by strict professional codes of conduct.

5. We continue to focus on the very unique aspects of the market.

6. We operate in Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Qatar, North America with further expansion planned in other markets over the coming years. Consequently, if you require your staff to be trained across the region we can assist with local training requirements.

7. Our client list is extensive. These include small, medium-sized and multinational companies. All clients, irrespective of size, receive the same personalized attention from our dedicated Business Development and Customer Service staff.

8. Client confidentiality is an important part of our service. Our client list is never circulated, or given to anyone outside of our company. While it may be shown by our staff in face-to-face meetings it is never left with any person, nor is the type of training conducted for any company revealed to any third party.

9. Our courses are highly interactive and take into account delegates’ different learning styles. There are coach-led discussions, group work, individual presentations, experiential role plays, individual assessments, etc. In some cases DVD recordings may also played back to delegates.

10. Our courses are a cost effective way of utilizing your training budget. You may wish to use a blend of in-company training and public courses to use your budget more effectively. We also offer package pricing on courses based on block bookings for the year. Details of the package pricing structure are available from our Business Development staff.

11. We believe in creating ‘long term partnerships’ with our clients. Our key objective is to ‘improve business performance’. We can only do this by understanding your business, your objectives, your strategic aims, etc., – and by working with you to get the maximum return on investment from any training undertaken by your company or organization. Whether you are a small ‘start-up’ company, or a large multinational, you require a training partner who is committed to giving you the best value for money and an effective return on your investment. That partner is us.

12. We have a back-up team, whose role is to ensure that every aspect of the training for your staff runs smoothly. They will provide joining instructions, maps to locations, course timings, etc., to delegates. If you require hotel accommodation for your delegates, our staff can help by recommending hotels and assisting with bookings, if you need this service. It is provided free of charge.

13. We sometimes require delegates on courses to carry out pre-course work for a course. This is handled by our support staff who will get the information to the delegate in time to allow them to prepare the work.

14. Our Business Development staff are highly trained professionals who understand that the customer is the most important person. You are not an outsider; you are the reason why we are in business and the most important person in our company. They will always work in a professional manner to ensure the best possible service to you.

15. Online bookings can be made for many courses. This enables bookings to be made at any time and saves on phone costs if calling from overseas.

16. Our courses are continuously upgraded to take into account new market trends. We constantly listen to feedback from our customers, and wherever possible try to bring in new courses they have requested, and that they believe will help improve their business performance.

Finally …

17. Our contact hours for each day of public course training are 6 to 8 hours (i.e. the number of hours in which the Coach and delegates are in contact in the training room).

Our normal course training day in starts at 8:30 a.m. and finishes at 4:30 p.m. When making a comparison of us with other training companies we ask that you consider the following before selecting your provider:

6 Key Points

  • The number of delegates allowed on a course (maximum 12)
  • The number of contact hours (6 to 8 contact hours per day) i.e. the hours Coach and delegate are working together
  • The track record of the company (we are proud of our reputation)
  • The day rate (we believe we are highly competitive)
  • Continuous updates and improvement of courses for the market
  • Pre-Course and Post-Course contact

Then decide who can provide the BEST VALUE FOR MONEY and the best ROI (Return on Investment) for your company from training.